Terms & Conditions

Below are The Racing Experience Terms & Conditions. Before purchasing tickets, carefully review all of our terms below, as all of our policies are fully disclosed and available in advance and no exceptions will be made after confirming your ticket. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact us at 401-543-3278 or support@racingexperience.com before confirming your booking. When you agree to the terms and conditions and purchase your booking all sales are final.

Inclement Weather Policy

– The Racing Experience reserves the right to cancel any event due to inclement weather. (Including but not limited to rain, track temps, high winds, etc.)

– Cancellations may be announced anywhere from 1 hour to 72 hours before the start of the event.
-Participants will be notified by phone and/or email using the contact information on file as soon as the event is canceled.
-While we will make every attempt to notify you about cancellation and rescheduling options, the final responsibility will fall on the customer to contact us to find out about the event’s status and to reschedule.
– If it is necessary to cancel an event due to safety concerns caused by inclement weather, we will offer an alternative date within 12 months from the date of your event within 100 miles of your booked location *Weekends dates are not guaranteed*. If the new date(s) offered do not work for you, your tickets are fully sellable or transferable. No refunds will be given under any circumstances.

Since we are a traveling company, a makeup date will be determined based on availability between the track and our schedule and can be made for any time in the following 12 months.

***On-Site Contact Information For Each Event Is Sent By Email To The Email Used In Your Booking.***

– *Please Call That Contact Number Prior To Heading To The Track For The Latest Event Status.*
– *There are no refunds for cancellations due to inclement weather.* *No exceptions*

By nature, The Racing Experience is an outdoor event and dates are subject to change. Therefore, we urge customers traveling long distances to make refundable travel arrangements. THE RACING EXPERIENCE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INCURRED LODGING OR TRAVEL EXPENSES PERTAINING TO ANY CANCELLED EVENT.

Again, if this new availability does not work for you, your tickets are fully sellable or transferable. No refunds will be given under any circumstances.

Rescheduling Policy

 Please note that due to our traveling schedule, we have limited availability at each location. We understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances may arise, and you may need to reschedule your event.  If you do need to reschedule, the following rescheduling fees will apply:

-30 or more days advance notice incurs a $50 nonrefundable fee per booking

-Under 30 days notice to reschedule incurs a $100 nonrefundable fee per booking

-No-call, no-show incurs a reinstatement fee of 75% of the total price paid.

If medical issues prevent the participant from participating in the racing experience, rescheduling fees can be waived upon the presentation of valid medical documentation stating the participant cannot drive/participate on the scheduled date.

*(If electing to reschedule out of a scheduled event, there is no guarantee our next availability will work for you, and there are no refunds for the reschedule fee or order in the event we do not return to your preferred location within 12 months. You will have 12 months from the date your order is placed on hold to reschedule before incurring reinstatement fees.)*

Please call 401-543-FAST (3278), with your booking confirmation ready, to reschedule or email support@racingexperience.com if you notice an error within 48 hours of creating your booking to avoid rescheduling fees.

We appreciate your understanding that these fees are necessary to ensure that our program continues to operate smoothly, fairly, and efficiently for all our customers.

Event Cancellations/Postponements

All sales are final and refunds are only allowed in the limited circumstances indicated here. Dates and Times are subject to change. If your event is canceled, postponed, or rescheduled, we will attempt to contact you to inform you of any refund, credit, or reschedule procedures, but it is the customer’s final responsibility to contact us before the event for confirmation.

Events may be postponed or canceled for various reasons, including, but not limited to, venue schedule changes, lack of participation, inclement weather, etc. If your event is canceled without an alternate date provided within 12 months in a 100-mile radius of your originally scheduled event, you would be eligible for a refund by contacting us via email within the 12-month period. It is the customer’s final responsibility to contact us within that 12-month period, or bookings will be forfeited without a refund.

For an event postponed/canceled for any reason (other than the weather) that has been provided an alternate date within 12 months *Weekends dates are not guaranteed*, you will receive a credit for your experience and 2 free laps towards your package for the inconvenience, NO REFUNDS will be given. If the new date does not work for you, please contact our offices by email at support@racingexperience.com to receive a complimentary 12-month extension on your ticket or it is fully sellable or transferable.

Please be advised that you are not automatically rescheduled. The final responsibility will fall on the customer to reschedule or request an extension before the expiration of the experience. If your experience remains unused for more than 12 months after purchase, a $50 fee will be charged for each year that has elapsed since being placed on hold.


Thank you for taking the time to read through our policies. We understand that it can be overwhelming to go through all the details, but we want to make sure that we are transparent about our schedule. We are a national traveling company with a limited number of dates, and it is crucial for us to stick to the posted schedule on our website. We do our best to maintain the schedule, but sometimes unforeseen circumstances may cause changes. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we appreciate your understanding and patience as we work to keep things running smoothly.

Vehicle Damage

You are responsible for your health insurance. You are financially responsible for all damage caused to the car due to driver error. A Vehicle Protection Plan is available for $60.00 at Late-model tracks (under 1 mile) and $75 at Speedway tracks (1 mile and larger). If you purchase this plan the maximum repair cost you would be required to pay is $1000. All payments for damages must be paid at the track at the time of the incident and the remainder of your laps will be forfeited without a refund. Due to the quality of the training and cars, damage is rare. Drive participants may opt to purchase the Vehicle Protection Plan in advance or at the track on the day of your event.

Media Policy

You must take your photo and video home before you leave the event or they will be forfeited without a refund. You may call our offices to see if they are still available, but we are a national traveling company and locating your forgotten items is not guaranteed.

If you purchase the “Video” option for your racing experience, you are responsible for verifying that your video is recorded properly at our laptop station prior to leaving the track. If there is an issue with your video, you must bring it to the attention of an employee so that we know about the issue and can take appropriate measures to repair the issue/compensate or refund at the track. ONCE YOU LEAVE THE TRACK WITH YOUR SD CARD, ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED FOR THE VIDEO.

Proof of Purchase

If you purchased your racing ticket through a third-party provider, you must provide proof of booking prior to your scheduled experience. If you arrive for your racing experience without a scheduled booking, you must authorize a full-price hold on a major credit card in the amount of your racing ticket in order to redeem your ticket and fulfill your experience. You will then have 10 days following your event to provide proof of purchase to the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience to have your hold released.

3rd Party Purchases & Coupon Code Use

If you purchased your racing ticket through a 3rd party provider, you will receive a coupon code from the said 3rd party. You will be responsible for paying all local or state taxes on your voucher’s paid value; taxes and fees must be paid at the time of booking.  The code is to be redeemed on our website for the exact package offered through the 3rd party. When placing your order, if you willfully or accidentally select a racing package that has a greater value than the package that you purchased through the 3rd party, YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO PAY THE DIFFERENCE or The Racing Experience reserves the right to downgrade your package, to the correct racing experience as described by your 3rd party provider. This also applies to any specials and or promotions offered online on our website, through social media, or through email. Promotions cannot be combined. Promotions are subject to change and new promotions cannot be applied or combined with existing purchases.

Refund Policy

Your racing experience booking is fully transferable, assignable, and sellable. However, it is NON-REFUNDABLE and can not be refunded; ALL SALES ARE FINALDates are subject to change.

I forgot to enter my promotion code and did not receive my discount?
Please call 401-543-FAST (3278) within 48 hours of booking and one of our agents will assist in correcting.(please note there is a $15 CC processing fee to correct this)

The Racing Experience reserves the right to modify the Terms & Conditions at any time